Full Program: A Century of Learning...


Keynote Addresses:

Opening Keynote Raising Resilient Children

Dr. Alex Russell

Thursday, March 8, 2018   9:00 - 10:30 AM

Shaw Conference Centre (Salons 8-12)

Is it really a good thing to give children everything they need, all the time? In this keynote, Dr. Alex Russell addresses common challenges children and youth face, including dealing with troublesome behaviours, supporting children at school, and controlling or monitoring children’s access to computers, cell phones and other forms of digital technology. A perspective is offered that helps take a positive and emotionally rewarding role in their children’s lives, while allowing them to have the opportunity to make their own decisions—and mistakes—during the complicated business of growing up.


Closing Keynote:  Taking on the New Possibilities and Challenges of Learning in a Connected World

Dr. Alec Couros

Friday March 9, 2018  1:00-2:30 PM

Shaw Conference Centre (Salons 11-12)         

Today’s emerging technologies provide us with tools to dramatically transform our learning environments and offer tremendous potential for engaging and empowering our students. Yet, this increasingly digital and information-rich reality also brings with it new challenges that emerge as we navigate our information-rich environment. Thus, while we should embrace the many new possibilities for teaching and learning, educators now have an essential responsibility to equip students with the critical literacies, skills, and understandings they will need to thrive in a complex and ever-changing world. In this presentation, participants will gain a better understanding of:

  • potential uses of social tools/media to transform learning environments and enhance course communication and student collaboration
  • methods and strategies for leveraging the power of networks to help students build authentic connections to other professionals
  • key literacies required for the management, analysis, and interpretation of the abundance of information available to them (including strategies for dealing with fake news and intentionally misleading information)
  • practices for modelling and helping students develop positive, professional identities

Dr. Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. He is an experienced presenter on various topics related to digital literacies, technology integration, and digital citizenship. A dynamic presenter, knowledgeable researcher, and a seasoned educational consultant he specializes in social media, technology integrations, digital citizenship and media literacy.