Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Teachers’ conventions support professionalism and enhance student learning by addressing teachers’ professional needs, supporting professional collaboration, advancing effective teaching practices and motivating reflective practice by exploring research and emerging educational issues.

Vision Statement

The vision for teachers’ conventions of the Alberta Teachers’ Association consists of the following components:

  • engaging sessions that focus on enhancing the professional practice and leadership development of teachers;
  • professional appearance of the program and proceedings that reflect the high standards of the profession;
  • strong support from teachers across the province for their professional organization’s annual convention as a time to promote the profession, public education and professional practice;
  • effective links to other groups within the Association, as well as to other PD partners, in developing and presenting the program;
  • building of leadership capacity and succession within the executive and boards of the convention associations;
  • promotion of teachers’ conventions as a significant activity of the Association;
  • strong support from parents, the media and the general public for teachers’ conventions as one way that teachers improve the quality of teaching and support student learning in Alberta.