President's Message

CEATCA President Message – Jim Allan


One hundred years of professional service to youth is an incredible contribution to society. As we embark on the next one hundred it is important to be cognizant of the service given by those in the past who worked in conditions far different from those of today. We need to be thankful for the dedicated people who worked so hard to bring us such things as the benefits we enjoy in our contracts, our pensions, reasonable working conditions, recognition of our professionalism, professional development and so much more.
Today’s schools are somewhat different than those in the past. Over the years European immigration has changed to largely Asian and African immigration. We face students with language and cultural issues. We have students who remain affected by the residential school fiasco. Many students come to us with very special needs. Mental health issues continue to provide concern. We have rightfully recognized that all children have the right to a public education. Inclusion has created many challenges but its rewards are innumerable.
As you go about your activities throughout Convention know that you are tremendously appreciated for what you do. Your efforts are worthwhile. As it was one hundred years ago you remain the heart and soul of education.