Eligibility Guidelines


 To ensure adequate space and comfort for teachers and invited guests, the Convention Board has declared this to be a CLOSED, NON-SMOKING convention, available only to paid delegates.  Spouses, children, friends, or other staff that do not pay convention fees may not attend the presentations.

Eligibility to Attend Convention

Individuals eligible to attend convention shall consist of:

  • Active members of the member-locals;
  • Active members of such other locals of the Alberta Teachers’ Association as may be admitted from time to time on approval of Provincial Executive Council and the convention association;
  • Associate members: who are declared eligible by Provincial Executive Council and who have notified the convention of willingness to participate in convention activities and to pay the required fee; and
  • Liaison representatives approved by the convention board.

Withdrawal of Membership

A member-local may withdraw from the convention association upon approval of Provincial Executive Council, provided written notice of such withdrawal is personally delivered or sent by registered mail to the convention association at least 18 months prior to the date of the convention for which it would be effective, and further provided that the member-local requesting withdrawal has satisfied all Provincial Executive Council guidelines for withdrawal then in force.