Convention Attendance Policy

Professional and Legal Obligation

Alberta Teachers (ATA members) are obligated, professionally and legally, to attend the teachers' convention (as stated in the School Act.)   Any teacher wishing to spend the two days engaged in other professional activity MUST contact attendance chairperson of the convention board.  This person, in conjunction with the attendance committee, will make a judgment regarding your request.  Detailed information regarding requirements of ATA member attendance can be found at the ATA website

For further information, please contact Executive Staff Officer Dan Grassick (


If teachers are not attending convention for any reason other than for alternate professional development, they must go through the usual procedures for being away from work as established by their school, contact or Alberta School Athletics Association policy.


Note:  Attendance at convention is MANDATORY for participating ATA local members.  ATA Teachers failing to request permission from the Attendance Committee may be subject to investigation and sanctions under the Code of Professional Conduct.


If you are a CEATCA member considering requesting permission to attend alternate professional development, apply early to receive an early reply. Please submit your proposal, in writing,  no later than

Thursday, January 25, 2018 

 to the following:


Convention Attendance Committee

Attention:  David Teasdale .